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Accent Your Style With Fashion Accessories

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The weather is getting colder, the nights longer and the days shorter. Why not spend what daylight you do enjoy by looking and feeling fabulous?!

Ladies, there is a whole world of style out there just waiting for you to grab it and nothing brings an outfit together quite like accessorizing does. While all of you, fashionistas may feel a bit rushed while getting ready in the morning, one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is a few of the staple items listed below.

Remember, a little bit goes a long way! It is recommended to accent your style with no more than 2-3 accessories at a time so don’t overdo it!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Jewelry: There is so much to chose from so have fun with it! The right pieces can turn a boring look into a stylish one!! Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets can go a long!

Belts: Think outside of the box. Just because your outfit doesn’t come with belt loops, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a unique belt to add a little something extra to your look. Belts look great over shirts, dresses and even blazers! Choose a unique style to draw attention to your curves and turn an ordinary look into an extraordinary one!

Hosiery: You can kick your style up a notch with some stylish tights or stockings. Don’t shy away from prints either. They can give your look that edge you’re after- especially if you throw on a pair of stylish boots!

Scarves: If you don’t have any, you must get some! They are the best kept fashion secret out there! Ladies, you can do so much more with a scarf then merely wrapping it around your neck. Scarves can add color and texture to any outfit. You can wear them around your neck, on your head, fold it up and use it as a pocket square and you can even wear them as a bracelet!

Shoes: Most don’t think of shoes as accessories, but believe me, they can make or break an outfit. Not all fabulous shoes have to kill your feet either. Make sure the shoes you choose are stylish and comfortable. Looking for an edgy look? Try black strappy boots! Looking for a sexy sophisticated style while maintaining comfort? I’d go with some kitten heels or flats. Chunky heels are also making a comeback so you can wear the big gal shoes without losing your balance!

Glasses: Pick a style or two. Try unique shapes and colors. You may be surprised as to what compliments your facial features. Sure, we can’t all pull off the John Lennon’s but you may be delighted to find out that the Marilyn Monroe style suites your face.

If you can’t possibly find the time in your busy lives to shop for the perfect accessories for yourself, sign up to receive one of our Sophisticated Curves' Fashion Accessories Boxes. We will send you 3, handpicked fashion accessories and a selection of pamper me items right to your door for an amazing price! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Go ahead and indulge ladies- You deserve to decorate yourselves!

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