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Why You Should Invest in a Good Camisole

Updated: Jan 17

It’s time to stop treating your camisoles as an afterthought. Sure, they hide under other clothes, but they can tie an outfit together like the perfect cardigan. There are a lot of differences between a high-quality cami and some flimsy cami from the mall. Let us look at some of these differences.


If you want to make an inexpensive camisole, you start with cheap fabric. It will be thin, with no drape, and can fall apart in the wash after a few months. Either the material will wear out, or the seams will give out thanks to flimsy stitching. If you’re lucky, it’ll hold together but will bag and pill, so you have one more thing to wear while doing yard work.

But a luxury camisole is made with high-quality knit fabric. The material will be heavy and thick – but not bulky. The extra weight means the fabric drapes over your body instead of clinging.

Cost Per Wear

Why not buy a new, cheap cami every month or two? It ends up costing more in the long run. It all comes down to Cost Per Wear. If you buy a cami for $10 and you can wear it to work once a week for eight weeks, you’re paying $1.25 for each wear you get out of it. But a $75 camisole will last for years. Let’s say you wear it once a week for two years (though it may last longer). That makes the Cost Per Wear 72 cents.

That means if you buy the cheap camisole, you’re spending $130 (one $10 cami every eight weeks for 104 weeks) instead of $75 for one cami. The luxury option is more budget friendly.


Any garment’s first job is to cover your body. Since inexpensive camisoles contain thin, flimsy fabric, they tend to be see-through. No big deal, right? You’re covering most of the cami with something else.

Until you need to take off your top layer for some reason, such as Airport security, broken air conditioner, stuffy conference room – those top layers could come off at any time. That’s the whole point of wearing layers – so you can wear more or less with minimal fuss.

When that happens, do you want to have on a camisole that reveals more than you’d like? Or would you prefer a camisole that’s so thick and well-made that you can wear it solo without embarrassment?

You’re Worth It

Too often, women put themselves last in the family clothing budget. Then we end up wasting money on fast fashion that lets us down. If you wear something every week, you shouldn’t skimp on it. You deserve to look and feel your best. You are more than worth it.


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