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Plus Size Style Boxes

Faith Costa photo by Ador T Photography

Getting beautiful plus size fashions does not have to be time consuming and stressful. We can make it easier and save you both time and money.


1. Spice up your existing wardrobe with our Fashion Accessories Style Box. This box includes three new stylish fashion accessories and pamper-me items. 

2. Another option is our basic SC Style Box which includes a beautiful plus size dress, two fashion accessories, and pamper-me items.

3. Our most popular option is our SC Fashion and Style Box.

This box includes two beautiful dresses, three fashion accessories, and pamper-me items.

4. Our SC Pageantry Style Box (coming in 2023)

All boxes have the option to replace the pamper-me items with an additional fashion accessory in case pamper-me items are not your thing. You can select this option when filling out your style profile. 

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