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How To Take A Break and Take Some Timeout For You


In today's fast pace world, it is very important to set aside time for you. It's very easy to get caught up in everything that's going on and everything that needs to be done. During those moments, you put others needs before your own. That's ok for small periods (1-2 days), but when you start getting into weeks and months without a break, that's when things can start going downhill, fast.

Just because the rest of the world wants to run at 100 miles per hour all the time doesn't mean that you have to also.

Take a break!

Now, when I say a break, I mean a moment in time where you can catch your breath, gather your thoughts, let your mind rest and focus entirely on something you want to do. 

Here are a few things to consider when taking a break:

  • Disconnect from social media.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Build your break time or retreat time into your schedule.
  • Look for and choose a quiet environment.
  • Take time to rest.
  • Start a relaxing hobby you like.
  • Plan a personal retreat.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Read a new book or your favorite book in a quiet environment
  • If you have been stuck inside, get outside.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Read your bible.

These are only a few. What do you do to take a break and relax?

Let us know below in the comments.


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Kiyonna and Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love Wedding Gown by Kiyonna


We love weddings and so does Kiyonna. You really see this with their latest wedding dress addition, the Everlasting Love Wedding Gown.  You'll feel infinitely beautiful in this amazing wedding gown.

With a stylish nude lining contrasting against a delicate floral lace, this beautiful neckline draws all eyes on you. Add in the classic mesh skirt, and this ethereal gown is complete and ready for your special day.


Kiyonna brings you a fresh new take on a beautiful and classic combination with this dress.


Order yours today!



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13 Things To Do On Date Night

Date night ideas

Our top 13 things to do on date night

1. Prepare a special meal together, and then sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

2. Invest in a fondue pot and have fondue at home. Having cheese and/or chocolate fondue is a great date night idea. It is also very delicious!

3. If you have kids, have a babysitter watch the kids. You and your spouse can then spend the evening at a hotel with a spa.

4. Have a dessert night where you go out and enjoy your favorite dessert or try a new dessert you have never tried before.

5. Take a dancing class together.

6. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach together.

7. Snuggling by the fireplace with champagne, a nice wine, or sparkling juice (if you don’t drink).

8. Go Glamping! A good time to go is mid to late fall. Then you will get to see breathtaking mountain views with beautiful fall colors.

9. Try out a new restaurant that neither of you have ever been to before. How did you like it?

10. Take an evening walk through a beautiful flower garden. These can be very nice, especially when the flowers are in full bloom.

11. Take an evening stroll through the park and have a picnic.

12. Enjoy a candlelight dinner for two, either at home or at a nice quiet restaurant.

13. Pick a game you both will enjoy and play it together. The idea is to have fun enjoying each other’s company. 

What others can you think of? What do you do on your date nights?

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Kiyonna Summer Sale

40% Off $250+ | Use code: BOOM40 | Kiyonna


It's time for another exciting Kiyonna 4th of July sale!  Get some awesome deals on quality plus size fashions that will embrace your curves and promote your confidence and style.

15% off $75+ | Kiyonna 4th of July Sale with code BOOM15 

25% off $150+ | Kiyonna 4th of July Sale with code BOOM25 

40% off $250+ | Kiyonna 4th of July Sale with code BOOM40


Expires: July 10th at 11:59 PM PT


Fine Print: *Promotion ends on July 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST. Not valid on Yummie by Heather Thomson, Spanx, Sorella Swim, Swim Sexy, Skinnytees, B Skies Are Blue, Accessories, Jewelry, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Dogeared, Rifle Paper Co., Mystery specials, gift cards, wedding dresses and wholesale orders. Cannot be combined with any other coupon. Order total for each sale must be met before tax or shipping is applied. Returns that fall below the promotion thresholds will void the promotion and the promotional discount will be deducted from the return value.

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Tess Holliday meets The Bold Type

Did you catch Tess Holliday's guest appearance on "The Bold Type"? She was awesome, and her outfit was totally fabulous! This is what we want to see more of. Big beautiful confident ladies on television and the big screen in strong confident roles. 



  • Your size does not determine who you are or what you're capable of doing.
  • Your thoughts and the external influences you allow into your mind can either empower you, limit you or tear you down.
  • Think positive, supportive, and empowering thoughts about yourself.
  • Don't allow negative external influences (such as people, things, and events) to break your positive mindset.
  • Your mind, body, and soul are your temple. Protect them. Nurture them. Love them.
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BOHO Styles from SWAK Designs






With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, it's time to add a little BOHO style to your wardrobe. SWAK Designs has a very nice collection of stylish BOHO dresses. These are a few of our favorites.


Farrah Maxi dress



















The Farrah Maxi Dress is a beautiful spring piece. With its vintage style floral print, this plus size maxi dress flows over your curves, with ease and comfort.



















If you love florals, the Celia Pocket Dress is an exciting addition for you. You'll love this dress with its oodles of easy-going stylish charm and pockets. Perfect for spring!




















The Layla Maxi Dress a lovely bohemian style vintage piece. This pink rose printed, flowy, oversized-fit dress will keep you comfy all day long. You will also love the cool hidden side pockets.





















If you want to be the center of attention, the Daphne Maxi Dress is your choice. This flowing plus size maxi dress is a timeless piece fit for a princess. Enjoy for day or evening, dressy dinner or casual brunch out with friends.







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The Miss Plus World Pageant





The Miss Plus World Pageant focuses on promoting, elevating and celebrating the accomplishments and humanitarian services of women from across the nations.  Through sisterhood, their goal is to built confident and influential women who will share their cultures and experiences with each other and the world. These lovely ladies will also continue to promote education, peace, wellness and community service.

On July 25-27, the 2018 Miss Plus World Pageant will be held in Atlanta Georgia.

Visit for more info. Come out and support our beautiful ladies!


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4 Beautiful Wedding Styles By Kiyonna





The ring, the white dress, something borrowed, something blue. They say it’s every little girl’s dream. To one day marry your soul mate and feel like a princess for at least a day. I say, forget feeling like a princess and be a queen on your special day!

You only get married once if you’re lucky enough to find ‘The One’, and you deserve to feel beautiful. Cue! Kiyonna has been in the plus size industry since 1996 and, while they specialize in special occasion dresses in sizes 10-32, they have an amazing wedding dress collection. There’s no need to break the bank either to find the perfect dress. All of Kiyonna’s bridal dresses are quality made in the USA, fit like a dream, and cost less than $300.

Here are some top picks to check out!

Feel glamorous in the Elegant Aisle Wedding Gown. Available for $288.00, this dress is designed with a unique faux illusion mesh one shoulder gathering over a beautiful scalloped lace neckline. The mesh then flows into a striking asymmetrical drop waist that’s both flattering and stunning.

For the classic and modest bride, the Sweet Serenity Wedding Gown for $248.00 is gorgeous. With a boat neckline under a high illusion scalloped lace top, this A-line dress is not only attractive, but oh-so comfortable. A fun modern addition are the hidden pockets, because what woman doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

Do you consider yourself a fashionista that’s always the center of attention? Then the Poised Peplum Wedding Gown for $288.00 is for you. This stylish mermaid silhouette features a flattering peplum, illusion neckline, and ¾ sleeves. You’ll celebrate and dance the night away in comfort thanks to this beautiful pullover gown.

If you’re more laid back or looking for a retro look, I highly recommend the Wedding Belle Dress for $198.00. This simple A-line dress has an elegant scalloped neckline with feminine allover lace. Whether you pair with fun shoes or rock a birdcage veil, you’ll have fun making this dress your own with personal touches.

Get even more help finding your dress with Kiyonna’s Bridal Style!

Plus Size Bridal Style - Luxurious Bride – Featuring the Lace Illusion Wedding Gown

Plus Size Bridal Style - Western Look – Featuring the Wedding Belle Dress

Plus Size Bridal Style - The Edgy Bride – Featuring the Luxe Lace Wedding Dress

Plus Size Bridal Style - Classic Beauty – Featuring the Amour Lace Wedding Gown and Elegant Aisle Wedding Gown

Now go on, check out their entire wedding collection and say yes to the dress with Kiyonna!


For more wedding fun, find Bridal Party and Mother of the Bride dresses in Kiyonna’s Online Plus Size Wedding Shop.






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Sophisticated Curves Style At The I.R.C.P. Fashion Show





Last month was a very exciting month for us here at Sophisticated Curves. We had the privilege of being a sponsor in the I.R.C.P Fashion Showcase, a charity fashion show, in Oak Park, IL. produced by Cisco & Cisco Productions.

This show was about empowering women  from all walks of life, all shapes, and all sizes. During this event, ladies who have been doing outstanding work in their community were recognized. They also showcased the talents of local artists and models. It was a very exciting event!

Below are some of the lovely ladies we sponsored during this event. They were awesome! More to come :).

The Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress in Red


The Whimsy Wrap Dress in Red by Kiyonna


The Whimsy Wrap Dress in Black by Kiyonna






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11 Beautiful Plus Size Wrap Dresses For Any Body Shape





Finding the right dress for your particular body shape can be a challenge, especially if you are a big beautiful woman. A lot of the dresses on the market today just are not designed with your specific proportions in mind. Luckily, there is one group of dresses that can rise to the occasion. They are called wrap dresses.

What makes these dresses so unique? Wrap dresses are designed to wrap nicely around your body regardless of your body shape. This makes them very versatile and forgiving. These dresses also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Every woman's wardrobe should have a wrap dress.


Model: Dellany Peace; Photography By: Nicole Keith Photography of Concord, NC; Dress: Whimsy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna provided by Sophisticated Curves Here are 13 exciting wrap dresses that work with any body shape.

1.) The Whimsy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $88.
This dress is both beautiful and versatile. You can dress it down for work, wear it casually at a wedding, or dress it up for a night out on the town. Every wardrobe should have one.

Whimsy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


2.) The Weekend Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $106.
The Weekend Wrap Dress is stylish and exotic. Get away for the weekend in this beautiful piece.

Weekend Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


3.) The Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $96.
If you want to get someone's attention, the Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress is the way to go. With new beautiful prints, this dress really pops!

Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


4.) The Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $88.
This dress is both beautiful and classy. Take a step back into time with this gorgeous piece.

Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


5.) The Glittering Affair Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $128.
Nothing screams special occasion more than a sparkling dress. Kiyonna's new Glittering Affair Wrap Dress definitely fits the bill.

Glittering Affair Wrap Dress by Kiyonna







6.) The Kim Wrap Maxi Dress by SWAKDesigns - $59.99.
If you are looking for a more casual look in a wrap dress, then the Kim and Heather Wrap Maxi Dresses are a nice choice. These dresses with their unique designs are a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Kim Wrap Maxi Dress


7.) The Heather Wrap Maxi Dress by SWAK Designs - $59.99.

 Heather Wrap Maxi Dress by SWAK Designs


8.) The Wendy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $108.00.
This dress is a new addition from Kiyonna this year. It has a very stylish design which makes it a very good transition style into spring.

Wendy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


9.) The Harlow Faux Wrap Dress by Kiyonna - $96.00.
If you need a simple by stylish wrap dress, then the Harlow Faux Wrap Dress is for you. This is another stylish piece which is very flexible. You can wear it for both work and play.

Harlow Faux Wrap Dress by Kiyonna


10.) The Eternity Convertible Dress by SWAK Designs - $69.90.
The Eternity Convertible Dress and the Eternity Maxi Convertible Dress are two very amazing dresses. These dresses are designed to be wrapped a number of different ways to produce many different looks. This makes these dresses very versatile and adaptable to any shape.

Eternity Convertible Dress by SWAK Designs


11.) The Eternity Maxi Convertible Dress by SWAK Designs - $89.90.

Eternity Maxi Convertible Dress by SWAK Designs


These are just a few of the many different types of plus size wrap dresses out there today. As Spring gets ready to roll in, there will be many more beautiful styles to choose from.

Which style is your favorite? Do you have any additional wrap dresses that you like?






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