We’ve all heard bad fashion advice that boils down to trying to make ourselves look smaller. Don’t wear bright colors, don’t wear stripes. Don’t wear anything FUN. We’re not on board with that. Why would you ever want to fade into the background? Make an entrance. Draw attention to yourself. The old saw that basic black can make you look thinner is a big honking lie. Black is chic and versatile, so it deserves room in everyone’s closet. But it doesn’t create an optical illusion that will have your friends suspecting you’ve gone down a size. You know what will get your friends to run up to you, declaring how fabulous you look? A bold print. If you’re used to solids and nothing but, you may feel a little trepidation at the thought of walking into a party wearing a print. You’re worried about people looking at you. That’s OK. We’re all a little shy sometimes. But remember that they’re looking at you because they’re noticing how great you look. No one is going to point and laugh at you. If they do, then you need to get yourself to a better party toot sweet. Dipping your toe into wearing prints may be scary. There are some unfortunate prints in the world. If you don’t feel confident in your own taste, then trust Yona’s taste. Love by Yona has two dresses available in a variety of prints and they’re all winners.