Plus size fashion designer Yuliya Raquel has exploded back on the sceen with more of her elegant breathtaking designs. Over the past few years, she has been working on some of her own projects.

Bootstrapfashions is one of those exciting projects. Whether it's for starting your own fashion line or just for personal use, Bootstrapfashions gives you a lot of fashion designing power in one place. Everthing from fashion design tools, professional pattern makers, fashion marketers, and more can be found through Bootstrapfashions.

Yuliya has also released a collection of gorgeous pieces under her personal brand Yuliya Raquel. Her new website is amazing! You can customize many of her signature designs to fit your needs. For example: You can customize the skirt length on here maxi dresses. You can also customize the sleeve length design on many of these pieces. The posibilities are endless. Yuliya Raquel has opened the door and made it easier to customize the fashions you want , to better fit your needs.

Featured below are some of our favorite designs by Yuliya Raquel. You can also check out the entire collection here at


Jemma DressThe Jemma Dress



 Deidra Gown The Deidra Gown


Celeste DressThe Celeste Dress


Sabrina DressThe Sabrina Dress