Whimsy Wrap Dress


The wrap dress was an instant classic when it was invented in 1974. Considering how unfortunate most 70s fashion was, this is nothing short of miraculous. Nowadays, every closet has a wrap dress. Or two or three. Faux wrap, true wrap. We love them all. What is it about this style that’s so irresistible? The adjustable fit is a big part of the wrap dress’ appeal. You usually have to make a trip to the tailor to get an off the rack dress that fits you perfectly. But with a wrap dress, you just need to tie it just so. Generous bust? Wrap the dress so you get all the coverage you need. Pear shaped? Other dresses may not fit your chest and hips equally well. But you can get a wrap dress that fits your bottom half and then tie the top snugly – instant alterations. Even a faux wrap like the Kiyonna Whimsy Wrap Dress (pictured, left) can be adjusted a little. If you want a higher neckline, you can add a camisole underneath, or pin the criss cross neckline together with a brooch.